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JR3000 Series

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How to Read the Model Name

(1) Device Type (2) X-Y Axes
(3) Number of Axes (4) Encoder
JR3000 Series 20:200×200
2:2 Axes
3:3 Axes
4:4 Axes
E: Encoder Included
N: Without Encoder
(5) Operation Panel Specifications   (6) Power Supply Specifications
A: Installed Switch Spec
B: Switchbox Spec
C: Basic Switchbox Spec
C:mainly the EU and Korea
J:mainly Japan

Types marked with a "〇" are available.*1

JR3203/JR3204 JR3303/JR3304 JR3403/JR3404 JR3503/JR3504 JR3603/JR3604
Model JR3203 JR3204 JR3303 JR3304 JR3403 JR3404 JR3503 JR3504 JR3603 JR3604
X-Y Axes Stroke(mm) 200×200 300×320 400×400 510×510 510×620
Number of Axes*2 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4
Encoder E: Encoder Included / N: Without Encoder
Operation Panel Specifications JR3603/JR3604
Power Supply Specifications
C:(mainly the EU and Korea) AC100-120V/200-240 50/60Hz (No outlet)
AC200-240V 50/60Hz (200V outlet)*5
J:(mainly Japan) AC100-120V 50/60Hz (100V outlet)*5
Optional specifications
(CC-Link, Devicenet, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, CANopen)
I/O-MT Added
(controls auxiliary axes)
*3 *3
Double Sided - - Standard Standard - - - -
Elevated Column
Optional Switch*4
I/O-1 Add-on
(8 inputs, 8 outputs)
*3 *3
Added built-in
I/O power supply
(DC24V rated 2.1A)
(for external devices)
(air suction for screw tightening)

*1 Available only at time of order.
*2 2 axes models are also available. (Please contact us for further information.)
*3 With the JR3200 Type, either only I/O-MT or only I/O-1 may be added.
*4 With B type or C type operation panel specifications, optional switches are added to the Switchbox.
*5 Outlet not included with JR3200 Type.

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